The Professionals Synopsis

“The Professionals” is a movie of action genre.Film Indonesia The Professionals 2016 in directed by Affandi Abdul Rachman.And the film will be in bintai by the actors and actress top indonesia, namely Fachri Albar, Richard Kyle,Cornelio Sunny, Malay Nicole and Lukman Sardi. MNC Pictures is producing the film The Professionals this will be released in 2016.

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Film The Professionals 2016

Synopsis The Professionals (2016)

Film The Professionals tell about a man named Abi (Fachri Albar), He turns out is also a businessman who must undergo life in prison because it was dropped and put into prison by the opponents or competitors of the business named Reza (Arifin Putra).

After some time at Abi was finally able to get out of jail, He also plans for revenge to Reza. download film the professionals A when the Abi is planning a big robbery with the target of the company Reza. Abi just wants to Reza experiencing things which he felt a long time ago.

Abi invites his friends that Cokro (Lukman Sardi), Ferry (Cornelio Sunny), Jo (Richard Kyle), Clark (Lukman Sardi), Nicole (Imelda Therrine) Sophie (Malay Nicole), and Sophie (Malay Nicole). Don’t want to stay silent, Reza also made various efforts to stop the action of the Abi that can harm his position and also perusahaaannya.
That’s where a fight strategy in others all they do, download film the professionals full movie ggota team Reza who do not want to lose the cunning of the Abi is trying to protect a company belonging to Reza. But apparently Abi recruits the robbers are professionals who have done the criminal act.

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A Review Of The Film The Professionals (2016)

The core of The movie The Professionals 2016 tells the story of revenge a businessman who is sent to jail, once out he wants to sue and reply to the person who sent him to prison. Film The Professionals release in 2016.

Melayu Nicole also took part in the film The Professionals, after the film previously titled “3 Dara” has been successful Tanyang in bioskops Indonesia, in this film he will play a role as Sophie merupakakan grub from the Abi that is trying to avenge a businessman who benama Reza. film The Professionals this will be released in 2016

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