Doraemon Tv series

Doraemon (ド ラ え も ん Doraemon?) Is the title of a manga and anime are very popular crafted Fujiko F. Fujio (藤子 · F · 不二 雄) since June 1, 1969 and is about the life of a child slacker 5th grade elementary school named Nobi Nobita (野 比 の び 太) attended by a robot cat named Doraemon coming from the 22nd century. Doraemon was sent to help Nobita Nobita so that descendants can enjoy its success Download Doraemon tv series rather than having to suffer from the financial debt that will occur in the future due to ignorance Nobita.

After failing in school replications or harassed by Gian and Suneo, Doraemon Nobita always go for help. Doraemon then will usually help Nobita using sophisticated equipment from his magic bag. The equipment is often used as “Propellers Bamboo” and “Door to Everywhere”. Often, Nobita outrageous use of crockery and even lapse into a bigger problem.

In December 1969, the Doraemon manga published continuously in 6 monthly children’s magazine titles. These magazines are Yoiko magazine (good boy), Yochien (kindergarten), Shogaku Ichinensei (grade 1), and Shogaku Yonnensei (4th grade). Since 1973, the magazine Shogaku Gogensei (5 th grade) and Shogaku Rokunensei (6th grade).  Stories contained in the magazines is different, which means that the author of this story should be written more than six stories each month. In 1979, CoroCoro Comic magazine released as Doraemon.

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Since it first appeared in 1969, Doraemon stories have been collected and divided into 45 books published from 1974 to 1996, and has sold over 80 million books in 1992. In 2005, Shogakukan published an additional serial number 5 vols with the title Doraemon + (Doraemon Plus), with a different story from the original 45 volumes.

Doraemon‘s early life was not so good. He is a robot failing which auctioned off to a poor family in debt, which is none other than the family of the Nobi Nobita. Doraemon had undergone hardships such as being a babysitter after failing to pass the exam in the academy robot, both ears were destroyed after being bitten robot rat, the paint faded because of him alone, and many sad stories that he went through the first year since its inception. Until one day, the family sent it back to the past, approximately 250 years ago when Nobita Nobi, ancestor of the family, still living in Tokyo.

The mission is to help Doraemon Nobita who is the great-grandfather of Sewashi who have Doraemon. Nobita is a child who always had the misfortune and did not have any ability. He is a fool in school lessons and can not exercise. Nobita only talented in the shootout, rubber play, and sleep. This is the reason why he failed to live her life, and Download Video Doraemon was sent from the future to change his destiny of becoming a successful man. It is ironic, a robot fails to come to the aid of a child who fails. In fact, friendship these two kids make them better.

Doraemon arrived in 1969 when the Japanese New Year together Sewashi, Nobita great-grandchildren. He came out of the desk drawer belonging Nobita, and since then she has lived with Nobita. Its mission is to prevent Nobita become a failure. Whenever Nobita in trouble, Doraemon will immediately help with the tools magic.

It looks Doraemon mission succeed, because when they venture into the future, Nobita see herself married to Shizuka, not by Jaiko. He also saw descendants will live in a better condition than when Sewashi sent Doraemon first, Nobi descent even afford to buy a robot which “did not fail”, Dorami. Told in manga and anime, Doraemon and Nobita work together to improve the lives of their own. There are also many stories featuring the story of courage and persistence them to maintain their friendships intertwine.

End of the official story

There are three official endings to Doraemon story. In March 1971, the magazine Shogaku 4-nensei preach due to the fact that visitors from the future cause problems, the government-century 22 prohibits the passage of time, meaning Doraemon have to go back to his time in his day and leaving Nobita. In March 1972, the contents of the magazine Shogaku 4-nensei Doraemon stories reveal, for some reason had to go back to the future and lied to a mechanical problem so that Nobita let him go.

Nobita believe him and promises to wait until Download film Doraemon indonesia healed. Realizing that Nobita can give up his departure, Doraemon tells the truth and Nobita accept it. Doraemon back to the Future. Doraemon the end of the third is the official end because of low TV ratings and the Fujiko Fujio busy with other work, but Doraemon did not leave their minds and repeat back to the issue next month. In 1981, this story made into anime (called “Doraemon Comes Back”) that the anime was released in 1998. In March 1973, the contents of the magazine Shogaku 4-nensei communicating as usual, Nobita Gian back bullied. Gian chase Nobita Nobita get to the front of the house. Finally Nobita Gian entered the house and threatened to respond.

Nobita asks a tool for fighting, but Doraemon rejected. Nobita confused and asked why Doraemon like this. Doraemon clear that he would return to the future. Nobita shocked and tried to stop him, but his father and mother asked him to let go of Doraemon. By the afternoon, Nobita’s parents have a farewell party with Doraemon. Nobita looked glum view it. In the evening Doraemon and Nobita trying to sleep, but they can not sleep. Doraemon and Nobita menutuskan walk in the park for the last time. Doraemon asks a few things, until he cried and left Nobita. Doraemon was moved to tears seeing Doraemon Nobita states that could go home. Nobita finally went to bed, and Doraemon returns to the future. Finally stages offered goings Nobita Doraemon (this section can be found at the end of Doraemon vol 6)

In the animated version is similar but longer. Initially Nobita glum in his room. He called Suneo, when he left the house he did not know that today is April Fool’s Day. Nobita Suneo initially deceived, that he had found tsuchinoko, but instead he bitten by a dog. Nobita and deceived by Gian about the return of Doraemon. He was happy to go home and ask his mother where Doraemon, and it turns out he cheated. Nobita sad and opened the box of Doraemon. Its content is a bottle containing liquid.

He listened to the voice of Doraemon  explaining that the fluid is Uso 800 (Bohong 800) were used so that all the things that are not really spoken people who drink the liquid into the right things. Nobita Gian use it to deceive and Suneo, he said the weather today is very good, which is a lie and a heavy rain began to fall before he said today raining heavily and the rain stopped. Gian and Suneo scared after a few tricks when Nobita say what will happen, all the lies uttered Nobita be the right thing. Nobita was very excited at first, but soon lost because of missed going Doraemon. She came home, and her mother told Doraemon own home. He was not convinced and sure Doraemon will never return, as some of the Doraemon Nobita before he left.

The liquid is still functioning, when he got to his room he found Doraemon. They were happy, but because of the influence of liquor, all the words turn into, “I’m very pleased that we can get back together.” Extra part of the animation comes from the book Doraemon manga volumes seven. But both can not be considered as final Doraemon, as they proceed to the next volume. When Fujiko Fujio duo split in 1987, the idea will end Doraemon unofficial never discussed. Since Fujiko F. died in 1996 before an agreement is reached, the end of Doraemon is fiction fans, but in some stories when Nobita traveling time to show he eventually marry Shizuka, leads toward a happy life and apart from Doraemon, although Nobita and his friends still remember with?

Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? (2002)

The theme of love in high school, Ada Apa dengan Cinta? tells Love (Dian Sastrowardoyo), chairman of the board of mading popular, and Rangga (Nicholas Saputra), a quiet boy and ‘nerd’, who falls in love with one another even though it has the opposite personality. The story begins with the announcement of the annual poetry contest at their school, where Rangga crowned the winner even though almost all children yell out the name of love because they are sure that she will win. When Rangga not appear to claim its title, Love was assigned to interview him for the purposes of Mading. Once received cold response from him when to see him in the library, link download Film ada apa dengan cinta 1 2002 Love returned with empty hands grumbling to friends segengnya; Alya (Ladya Cheryl), Milly (Sissy Priscilla), Karmen (Adinia Wirasti) and Maura (Titi Kamal), in room mading and write in ‘book vent’ that Rangga is ‘annoying guy, who need dijauhin’. Love does not realize is that this is only the beginning of his story with Rangga which will change his life and his perspective about friendship and who he is as an individual.

Dian Sastrowardoyo give the best performance of his career (which until now has not exceeded their work in other movies) here. He’s a natural, convincing, and most important, subtle (words which I still have not found a counterpart in Indonesian). This is aided considerably by a script by Prima Rusdi, Honest Prananto, and Rako Prijanto successfully depicts teenage life realistically through his dialogues are crisp (some flicked political conditions Indonesia at the time), download film aadc 1 (pertama) a situation that can be encountered daily, and characterizations that strong enough. As someone on the verge late teens, I can position myself in self-love and friends (Rangga not too because he is more of an ideal version rather than a real character for me) when they face their problems with emotions that have not been fully stable and thoughts that tend to magnify it out of proportion.

Not only that, the conflict that emerged was able to arouse without overly dramatic (like cancer stage 4 or a love triangle in the movie teen typical), and this comes mainly, and interestingly, not of romance Love and Rangga, but home life Alya filled with quarrels and violence (verbal and physical). We never see the event happen immediately. We do not need. We can feel it just by listening to the desperate rants Alya or see movements are minimal and full of doubt. It is also amplified by the appearance Ladya Cheryl same, if not more fascinated than Dian Sastrowardoyo.

On the other hand, the other players also acted fairly solid. Nicholas Saputra, outside penokohannya are not secakap Love, giving the humanity that makes his character is not so one-dimensional (Rangga laughing and joking when cooking with Love). Her chemistry with Dian Sastrowardoyo also electrically. They help each other so that the interest Rangga and Love can be felt by the audience. Geng Love also had a fun dynamic. It is easy to believe that five teen friends and sugguh really care about each other.

Directing Rudi Soedjarwo here is much more calculated than any other film that I’ve already watched. The shooting precision that is almost stiff and not a lot of behavior to let the story and the characters became the main focus. Aided by editing the successful keeping the tempo and move the plot naturally so that the climax of the story can ‘kick’ and followed with choice of resolution more realistic than the beautiful, Ada Apa dengan Cinta? is a pioneer in the history of Indonesian film that managed to captivate the hearts of millions of viewers Indonesia but unfortunately not followed by a similar quality works capable mempertahakankan that trust.

Indonesian Film Festival

Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) is an event of the highest award for the film industry in Indonesia. FFI was first held in 1955 and continued in 1960 and 1967 (with the National Film Appreciation Week name), before finally began to be held regularly in 1973. Began implementation in 1979, the system of seed (Nomination) began to be used. FFI was stopped in 1992, and has held back in 2004. On development, are also given awards for television movies Vidia Cup.  In 1955, the fate of the national film industry is quite alarming.
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First, the face of heavy competition from films Malaya (now Malaysia). Then replaced with the rise of Indian films, which suck the audience down to the middle class. While the first-class cinemas screening films reject national and monopolized films from the United States. In a gloomy mood so, two prominent film, respectively and Usmar Ismail Djamaluddin Malik, pioneered.
First they spread them out in Jakarta on 30 March-5 April 1955. Previously, the two pioneers of the national film industry attended the establishment of Film Producers Association of Asia (Federation of Motion Picture Producers in Asia / FPA) in Manila, Philippines. It is why Indonesia should hold FFI and the winner will be contested in the FPA, Download film indonesia which is held in turns in its member countries. He made the film festival’s efforts to draw public attention that the Indonesian film is no less good as foreign films.
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Of course this is my strong intention to develop an appreciation of Indonesian films. Momentum is right, namely in 1955, which only ten years of Indonesian independence. Another rolled intention Djamaluddin Malik is the film festival as a cultural event. This means that for the evaluation of the film production in the country for one year. But more important film festival in 1955 was used as a meeting forum between the film makers and the audience, as well as an assessment of the technical quality forum cultivation and presentation on the work of the film. download film indonesia 360 mp4 mkv 480 720 This era is considered as a national film revival era.
This revival is indicated on the condition of Indonesian cinemaexperiencing encouraging growth in the number of production. This then makes the Indonesian Film Festival was held in 2004 after a hiatus for 12 years, but its implementation was marred complaint several honorees on the awards show was broadcast on television. Vidia Cup was held in 2004, coincided with the FFI.

Back stalled 2007 to 2010, and was held in 2011 and 2014. Indonesian Film Festival 2006 invites controversy itself, when the film Ekskul expressed as Best Film. Ekskulcoronation as Best Film of controversy from the Film Society of Indonesia. MFI which consists of a number of film-makers among them director Riri Riza and Mira Lesmana who won the Citra Award 2005 Indonesian Film Festival for the film Gie and as many as 22 Award winning imagery from 2004 to 2006 protest against the implementation of FFI 2006 because it has been awarded best film at the movies curricular and Download film subtitle bahasa indonesia 360p Best Director at the director, Nayato Fio Nuala, which they loaded with elements of plagiarism. 
Consequently victory this film was canceled by Decree (SK) numbered , concerning the cancellation of Citra Utama for Best Film and Citra Award for Best Director Film Festival Indonesia 2006 was signed by the chairman BP2N, Deddy Mizwar.Repair Indonesian Film Festival continues to be done after the Ekskul controversy, including in the deliberations and implementation of FFI.
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This is done to further improve the quality and objectivity of the judging so that the results can be accounted for. Organizers also turns, ranging from Indonesian Film Festival Committee which replaced the National Film Advisory Board since 2009 until the founding of the Film Agency for Indonesia (BPI) 2014