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A synopsis of the Film Ngenest (2015)

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The comedy film “Ngenest” 2015 told me about an Ernest, he is a descendant of Chinese who feel the weigh of life and he also often dibully by his school friends since he still became a victim of bully SD. make it determined that his descendants would later should not suffer the same fate. For that, he is to marry berikrar indigenous women, with the hope that his son would later have not experienced the misfortune that he experienced.

His physical appearance is actually quite nice and reflects the Chinese mostly white, eyes berulit sipit. Download Film Ngenest but born with eyes and white skin became sipit loss for him. Since the day the first set foot in the primary, he was directly hit by a bully or ridicule by his friend. This continued until JUNIOR HIGH. In junior high, he tried a different way, i.e. trying to berkawan with the pembully, with the hope that when he managed to blend in, so he will not be a victim bully. Unfortunately, this way any failed.

Until sometime Ernest thinks that this is the fate he had received. But he was aware that this doesn’t have to be experienced by his descendants. He had to break the chain, with how to marry an indigenous women, with the hope that someday she will have a son native. This plan was opposed by his friend since elementary, Patrick, who felt the ideals of Ernest is very strange. Although the roosters can also his aspirations.

Seirin time runs, and he’s been attended to semester 3, he was introduced to a beautiful girl named Meira, a girl’s Javanese/Sundanese faith with him. Their introductions take place quite smoothly, but problems arise when Ernest met with father Meira totally dislike her daughter dating a Chinese, because he was almost bankrupt due to his business associates who are cheated by the Chinese as well. But finally managed to steal the hearts of Ernest prospective father-in-law, and after dating for five years, they got married.

After her marriage, it turns out that Ernest had a little worrying. that is when their child was born the future exactly. What if he still fails to prevent his son from the ridicule of friends friends. All these fears make Ernest procrastinate the desire to have children. On the other hand, Meira already urged her parents, too, would like to soon have children. After going through the various bickering, finally relented for fear of losing Ernest Meira. Two years after her marriage, Meira was pregnant.
Getting engorged stomach Meira, the greater the fear that haunts Ernest. Its peak when Meira was nearing deadline delivery, download film ngenest full movie the higher the pressure, the stress of doing so any Ernest major errors in the Office that makes it were reviled by the boss. No strong pressure against the run, Ernest escape to a place where he and Patrick regular hide as long as they are small.

Finally Patrick finds Ernest in there, and learns a Ernest to immediately to the hospital. With terbirit-birit, Ernest went to RS and accompanying Meira gave birth. Meira ever gave birth to a baby girl eyed sipit. Although his son looks very Chinese and like his father, but Ernest was very happy. The presence of his son had given him so much warmth that brought the courage to face life, although life is a lot of challenge.

Movie review Ngenest (2015)

The comedy film “Ngenest” this is a film that spin on the story of a man named Ernest love taunted para dibully by a friend of his since childhood until adulthood. There are still fears Ernest when he’s married to a beautiful woman Named Meira. his fears, his son will be kelaknya fared just as his father, sua at taunted by his friends.

This Ngenest in the film of a Novel by Ernest Initiative entitled “Ngenest” and will be screening at the cinema of indonesia next year i.e. 2015.

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