komedi gokil 2

Sinopsis : Komedi gokil 2 Boarding House Om Indro Indro (Warkop) the arrival of new residents: acho (Muhadkly acho) Lolox (Lolox), younger brother Boris (Boris Bokir) and Mia (Senk Lotta), Indro nephew Om wife, aunt, Maya (Maya Wulan). Acho ngekost who initially reluctant, eventually settled after looking at options closer to Mia.

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Om Indro involved after Boris, Acco and Lolox when a beautiful woman in the gym, Gina (Tengku goddess), ask to marry, but Indra fun flirting. Gina will speak and show their pictures with Om Indro with Tante Maya.

Acho, Boris and Lolox given the task to retrieve and delete photos from mobile phones Gina. Bullshit, bullshit complicated their mission because of trouble sister of Boris, to a love affair with Tania Boris (Brian Simorangkir) failed. After pedekate Acho Mia did Boris Geregetan.

Another difficult problem Tante Maya. Tommy (Sas Widjanarko), ex-girlfriend Tante Maya, desperately trying to come in and want to return. Download Komedi Gokil Mp4 Mkv 360 480 720 Tante Maya and Boris Lolox feedback in an effort to get rid of Tommy does not believe that he was married.

Start :

Indro Warkop sebagai Indro
Boris Bokir sebagai Boris
Muhadkly Acho sebagai Acho
Lolox sebagai Lolox
Brianna Simorangkir sebagai Tania
Senk Lotta sebagai Mia
Maya Wulan sebagai Tante Maya
Tengku Dewi sebagai Gina
Sas Widjanarko sebagai Tommy
Risma Nilawaty sebagai Minuk
Rico Michael sebagai papa Tania
Nikita Mirzani sebagai Shanty
Duo Serigala
Jarwo Kwat sebagai tukang sate
Arief Didu
Duo Racun

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Synopsis comedy Gokil 2 starts from the history of all the inhabitants of the boarding school About Indro. The story begins from the trunk mia carried acho even in lolox airport. Acho did not originally intend to enjoy the place, but because I finally saw mia mia intend to approach and hostel accommodation for Indro vocabulary.

Children eat too inclined to issues about Indro suddenly there was a woman who asked to marry. Many scenes are hilarious in this movie, so you will continue to feel laughing watching it. Download film komedi gokil 2 Many missions that they are not successful, but even more destroyed by an act of Boris.

Acho approach to the problem Mia also a story that can not be missed. There are many problems that may arise. Aunt mia has problems with a former girlfriend. All kids meals are always involved to resolve the issue. But all the problems always end mirth, because of their behavior. It is what makes comedic synopsis Gokil two attractive.

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The more chaos and cause more trouble. As the end of their story? For those who like to watch comedy mandatory Gokil 2 in this comedy. intelligent jokes and fun.

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