Film Hangout 2016 review

sinopsis :

Film Hangout – a mysterious man named Toni Sacalu, with initials P. 9 Toni Sacalu invite public figures to “hangout” in a villa on a secluded island, This hangout is aimed at discussing a project with a large sum of money. They were left to fulfill the invitation. Once there, the problem arises from the first night when Mathias Muchus poisoned before them.

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The next obstacle, they can not immediately return because they download film hangout boat comes five days later. They were stuck in the island. They are trying to survive, but one by one in death. When staying four, one of them managed to find who killed him. Unfortunately have not had time to tell you who killed him, he was actually dead. Why Mr. Toni Sacalu invite them all, so they should be killed? Who are the people who live foursome? Who is the real killer, if Mr. Toni Sacalu or one of the four?

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Start: hangout 2016

Raditya Dika
Prilly Latuconsina
Soleh Solihun
Titi Kamal
Mathias Muchus
Surya Saputra
Dinda Kanya Dewi
Gading Marten
Bayu Skak

They get an invitation from someone mysterious character named Mr. Sumarsono to hang on a remote island and there is a Villa.

The purpose of this Hangout event to tell a project will cost a pretty big money, they finally decided to comply with the invitation.

The problem came on the first night, when Mathias Muchus poisoned. and new boat will pick them up within five days and download film Hangout mp4 360p

They try to survive, but instead die one by one. When the latter was only four people, one of them,

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Bayu Chess, managed to discover who the mastermind behind all this murder, the culprit turns out is one of them. When Bayu want to tell it to others, he died in his room.

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