Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? (2002)

The theme of love in high school, Ada Apa dengan Cinta? tells Love (Dian Sastrowardoyo), chairman of the board of mading popular, and Rangga (Nicholas Saputra), a quiet boy and ‘nerd’, who falls in love with one another even though it has the opposite personality. The story begins with the announcement of the annual poetry contest at their school, where Rangga crowned the winner even though almost all children yell out the name of love because they are sure that she will win. When Rangga not appear to claim its title, Love was assigned to interview him for the purposes of Mading. Once received cold response from him when to see him in the library, link download Film ada apa dengan cinta 1 2002 Love returned with empty hands grumbling to friends segengnya; Alya (Ladya Cheryl), Milly (Sissy Priscilla), Karmen (Adinia Wirasti) and Maura (Titi Kamal), in room mading and write in ‘book vent’ that Rangga is ‘annoying guy, who need dijauhin’. Love does not realize is that this is only the beginning of his story with Rangga which will change his life and his perspective about friendship and who he is as an individual.

Dian Sastrowardoyo give the best performance of his career (which until now has not exceeded their work in other movies) here. He’s a natural, convincing, and most important, subtle (words which I still have not found a counterpart in Indonesian). This is aided considerably by a script by Prima Rusdi, Honest Prananto, and Rako Prijanto successfully depicts teenage life realistically through his dialogues are crisp (some flicked political conditions Indonesia at the time), download film aadc 1 (pertama) a situation that can be encountered daily, and characterizations that strong enough. As someone on the verge late teens, I can position myself in self-love and friends (Rangga not too because he is more of an ideal version rather than a real character for me) when they face their problems with emotions that have not been fully stable and thoughts that tend to magnify it out of proportion.

Not only that, the conflict that emerged was able to arouse without overly dramatic (like cancer stage 4 or a love triangle in the movie teen typical), and this comes mainly, and interestingly, not of romance Love and Rangga, but home life Alya filled with quarrels and violence (verbal and physical). We never see the event happen immediately. We do not need. We can feel it just by listening to the desperate rants Alya or see movements are minimal and full of doubt. It is also amplified by the appearance Ladya Cheryl same, if not more fascinated than Dian Sastrowardoyo.

On the other hand, the other players also acted fairly solid. Nicholas Saputra, outside penokohannya are not secakap Love, giving the humanity that makes his character is not so one-dimensional (Rangga laughing and joking when cooking with Love). Her chemistry with Dian Sastrowardoyo also electrically. They help each other so that the interest Rangga and Love can be felt by the audience. Geng Love also had a fun dynamic. It is easy to believe that five teen friends and sugguh really care about each other.

Directing Rudi Soedjarwo here is much more calculated than any other film that I’ve already watched. The shooting precision that is almost stiff and not a lot of behavior to let the story and the characters became the main focus. Aided by editing the successful keeping the tempo and move the plot naturally so that the climax of the story can ‘kick’ and followed with choice of resolution more realistic than the beautiful, Ada Apa dengan Cinta? is a pioneer in the history of Indonesian film that managed to captivate the hearts of millions of viewers Indonesia but unfortunately not followed by a similar quality works capable mempertahakankan that trust.

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