The Professionals Synopsis

“The Professionals” is a movie of action genre.Film Indonesia The Professionals 2016 in directed by Affandi Abdul Rachman.And the film will be in bintai by the actors and actress top indonesia, namely Fachri Albar, Richard Kyle,Cornelio Sunny, Malay Nicole and Lukman Sardi. MNC Pictures is producing the film The Professionals this will be released in 2016.

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Film The Professionals 2016

Synopsis The Professionals (2016)

Film The Professionals tell about a man named Abi (Fachri Albar), He turns out is also a businessman who must undergo life in prison because it was dropped and put into prison by the opponents or competitors of the business named Reza (Arifin Putra).

After some time at Abi was finally able to get out of jail, He also plans for revenge to Reza. download film the professionals A when the Abi is planning a big robbery with the target of the company Reza. Abi just wants to Reza experiencing things which he felt a long time ago.

Abi invites his friends that Cokro (Lukman Sardi), Ferry (Cornelio Sunny), Jo (Richard Kyle), Clark (Lukman Sardi), Nicole (Imelda Therrine) Sophie (Malay Nicole), and Sophie (Malay Nicole). Don’t want to stay silent, Reza also made various efforts to stop the action of the Abi that can harm his position and also perusahaaannya.
That’s where a fight strategy in others all they do, download film the professionals full movie ggota team Reza who do not want to lose the cunning of the Abi is trying to protect a company belonging to Reza. But apparently Abi recruits the robbers are professionals who have done the criminal act.

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A Review Of The Film The Professionals (2016)

The core of The movie The Professionals 2016 tells the story of revenge a businessman who is sent to jail, once out he wants to sue and reply to the person who sent him to prison. Film The Professionals release in 2016.

Melayu Nicole also took part in the film The Professionals, after the film previously titled “3 Dara” has been successful Tanyang in bioskops Indonesia, in this film he will play a role as Sophie merupakakan grub from the Abi that is trying to avenge a businessman who benama Reza. film The Professionals this will be released in 2016

3 dara review

Sinopsis Film 3 Dara, Kisah Tentang 3 Wanita Yang Menginspirasi

Film 3 dara merupakan film indonesia drama musikal yang tayang di tahun 2016 yang lalu. Film 3 dara terinspirasi dari film zaman dulu yang berjudul sama karya Usmar ismail. Film 3 dara skenarionya di tulis oleh Nia dinata dan lucky kuswandi serta di sutradarai oleh Nia dinata. Buat anda yang penasaran dengan film 3 dara, inilah sedikit sinopsis film 3 dara yang sangat menarik dan menginspirasi serta wajib di tonton.

Sinopsis Film 3 Dara

Download Film 3 (Tiga) Dara (2015) Full Movie Mp4

Film 3 dara dimainkan oleh ro dewanto, tara basro, tatyana akman dan santy. Bercerita tentang tiga dara atau tiga wanita yang diajak ayahnya ke timur flore. Ketiga dara tersebut bernama Ella yang dimainkan oleh Tara Basro, Gendhis dimainkan oleh Shanty dan Bebe yang dimainkan oleh Tatyana Akman. Tiga wanita ini memiliki sifat yang berbeda-beda. bisa kalian Download film 3 dara Terutama ketika menjalankan bisnis milik keluarganya.

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Sinopsis film 3 dara ini berlanjut, Sejak ibu mereka meninggal dunia, ketiga anak dan ayahnya tinggal di maumere dan menjalankan bisnis hotel. Pada suatu ketika neneknya (oma) yang dimainkan oleh titiek puspa datang berkunjung ke flores. Oma merasa khawatir dengan ketiga cucunya yang sampai sekarang tidak kunjung menikah dan sibuk dengan pekerjaannya masing-masing.

Tiga dara memang lebih suka bekerja dibandingkan harus mengurus masalah pasangan hidup yang terkadang memusingkan. Melihat hal ini, Oma menjadikan ayah 3 dara sebagai kambing hitamnya. Oma menyalahkan ayah 3 dara yang tidak bisa mengurus 3 cucunya tersebut.

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Kehadiran oma di kehidupan mereka, membuat ella. Gendhis dan bebe mulai mempertanyakan ambisi dan mimpi mereka. Apalagi setelah oma mulai mengajak mereka berdiskusi tentang masalah jodoh. Banyak hal yang terjadi pada mereka. Dari mulai dikenalkan oleh banyak lelaki sampai akhirnya menemukan pasangan hidup yang tepat untuk mereka. Dari sinopsis film 3 dara ini, dan dapat di download film 3 dara movie anda akan tahu kisah yang menakjubkan dari 3 wanita mandiri.

Jadi buat anda yang suka film drama menginspirasi wajib untuk menonton film 3 dara ini. apalagi tidak hanya bercerita tentang drama kehidupan sehari-hari saja, tetapi juga disuguhi dengan beberapa humor yang bikin tertawa. Itulah sedikit sinopsis film 3 dara. Semoga bermanfaat.

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Deskripsi: sinopsis film 3 dara bercerita tentang kisah 3 wanita yang bingung antara mengikuti kata hati atau mencari pasangan hidup.

kung fu yoga jackie chan

although already not young anymore, but the figure of Jackie Chan is still productive in the world of film. Film Kung Fu Yoga is proof of that. With a style that is funny, silly, and fight hand-to-hand looks natural to make every movie is always awaited fans, including the film Kung Fu Yoga.

In the movie Kung Fu Yoga this Jackie Chan will assume the role as Jack, an archaeologist that does the treasure search of the Indian. download film kung fu yoga In Kung Fu movies, this Yoga also involves some of the artists from Bollywood like actor Sonu Sood, as well as two beautiful actress Disha Patani and Amyra Dastur.

Kung Fu Yoga


The process of filming the movie Kung Fu Yoga is done on the 27th of September 2016 and new finishes on 30 November 2016. The shooting itself is done in a few places, namely Beijing, India, and Dubai. Reportedly filming is also done in Iceland.

Action comedy by director Stanley Tong is scheduled to be released on August 27, 2017 in the United States, As reported by, Kung Fu movies, this Yoga has been included in the list of movies coming soon in Indonesia.

Detail Film Kung Fu Yoga :
Title : Kung Fu Yoga
Genre : Action, Comedy
The Release date of Premiere : January 27, 2017 (USA)
Distributor : Shinework Media
Production : Taihe Entertainment, Shinework Pictures

SYNOPSIS Kung Fu Yoga :

An archaeologist from China named Professor Jack (Jackie Chan) working together with a professor from India, Ashmita and his assistant named Kyra. They are trying to find the treasure of the Dynasty Magadha lost.

When conducting a search in an ice cave in Tibet, they found the bodies of the royal army which had disappeared along with the treasure. However, their attempt was intercepted download film kung fu yoga sub indo by Randall (Sonu Sood) who is a descendant of the leader of the rebel forces.

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After successfully escaped from Randall and his men, the three of them flew to Dubai, the place where a diamond taken from the ice cave will be auctioned. They should immediately seize those diamonds that serve as keys to unlock the treasure of Magadha in a temple in India.

They’re trying to find the treasure of Magadha lost. Livelihoods starts in an ice cave in Tibet, they found the bodies of the army job has disappeared along with the treasure.

However, they are intercepted by Randall (Sonu Sood) who is a descendant of the leader of the rebel forces, who claim the treasure. There is a fight, and secretly Jones took a large diamond from the cave and fled, leaving Jack and his team trapped in the ice cave.

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By using the technique of pernafsan Yoga, Jack and Ashimita managed to escape and free the others. After the escape, Ashmita and Kyra back to India, while the Jack, felix hammer and Nuomin heading to Dubai, knowing a diamond taken from the ice cave will be auctioned.

Professor Jack and his friends should immediately get the diamond that serves as the key to unlock the treasure of Magadha in a temple in India.

Did the business they unlock the mystery of the treasure of Magadha?

A Little Thing Called Love

The film begins to speak, Firs Love when he left Mario Maurer said that waiting for “Nam Kah be my girlfriend?”. Is a word that was so long ago wanted to show, not worthy of ‘being white Roses Nam? Tablets Nam will shoot !. After the interview, the public story is checked!

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Furthermore, the issue is whether the show had a letter to give encouragement when Nam Nam follow the work of fashion. Although the two were alone, perhaps he wanted to find a way to pass Nam. He is also the first fashion show of Nam in the United States.

Hasil gambar
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They terlungkaplah also worked on “I Love Cooking 9” to Nam.
L ‘article indicated that he intended Top admitted Nam tremendous! Completion in anger and Pin are download A Little Thing Called Love hearing from the field. But it was her pin and said he knew, but without doubt the sincerity of his’ heart was injured. After two years, because of the association fights, was back on a ‘friend.
After arriving in America, ‘he lost Nam. So was a note of what like this through, something one day, and is still learning some people even criticize their nation.
He had no heart if many girls feel there ‘attention. Two years later, he married the Top “My Girl” to haunt old Nam. Top but he would deliver. He left the site suggestions people love their problem.
After the interview, a wonderful relationship with his Nam. They dated, walk around and “monthsaries” celebrated since adolescence. On a bridge, or two floors Mesquida first operation and said Nam Nam
The boat is the best grandfather who BootMaster and schoolteacher and his wife and married his best friend Nam, and the spirit with him, and all of Bouquet and Mature.
Cher, the GIE and later married a man was playing, who will be the wedding of friends in Nam. Nam says he is the best gift you both the winner. : D
Buttons from Nam makes writing. Buttons Roses and white themed wedding diana Jesus Nam.
Before the wedding, so two of them said that this is the beginning of a happy time continued. Nobody knows where it goes.
* General *
A terrible thing happened. on the fastest ships which moved China Sea using the ship was destroyed and sunk. Before you Spartia, they say “I love you” d ‘them.
30 years, on the shore of Korea, he noted. Could speak several languages, because the translator is the company was also able to speak Korean well.
While a Filipino singer Nam from those of Thailand, but only his uncle was Lux Filipino.

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Nam who lost his mind. They have nobody.
Women who find him called Nana, past 3pe RNI kahannya undetected. It was time for his career to take, and he was surprised by an angel around H, because he does nothing but remind Cupid calling a messenger of love from heaven sent. Nana, who hit him, but the way photographers and enjoyed his company. She can and actually thank God for the photograph. They also receive recognition.
While the singers who found Nam called Jhong person to marry after his’ mother recalls. When a beach and found the girl on the sea, and has called for his first natural. He teaches physical change past practices years his country is invited to watch the show and learn music so. Jhong incident is full of humor, even if he looked simply natural, without reason. Was a man of few things more interesting girl Nadia far (and neighbors) always tries personality.
She Nam know them slowly.
Nana and Jhong his first kiss (and Nam Tun).
Keep in mind that everything’s Dream, capital of Vietnam. Everybody walked and went to the bridge, where they met with.
Nam said the older man, who had his first kiss. He shone menggukanan his thumb, he said: ‘If I get rid of them. download film A Little Thing Called Love “But there is no light around what he remembers, so his first kiss. And his first kiss.
Like nothing happened to come home
Nana shone and women smoke, and the advice given to the region’s three sons created using radiant finds cause of failed marriages. Nana angry and slapped a bright shine. He learned the language and its culture, after a visit to Nana Thailand “9 Love receipt” of the author.
Thanks Jhong Nam Tun obtained. Thailand A little Thing DN returned to his former home, diary, Vietnam and associated platinum album in memory of his opening. It’s a bright ‘Vietnam is secretly in love with a little bit, which will be described. Vietnam radiant who learned after he was the way in southern Vietnam with love in decline well lit that riches diamond Vietnam was a man to go into the reasons is that the lake shining Why are known as the folder name, the video Snow White Vietnam belong to the play because of platinum, popular became. He said that his parents went through what makes their loved ones happy told him.
Charter “of other elements of the greatest gifts we have to win this race. Nam and his wife, shine bright.
He pleaded capital Nana Nana met with senior was invited to a party.
Heart shone was inherited from his grandfather. During the party is concerned, when shone Vietnam.
Tun need luck donor heart.
Donors them (directly) the opportunity to thank the people. Tun said that she would come after. Vietnam Jhong He does not prohibit drinking alcohol infectious lesions. (His mother died three years ago when he suffered).
He all acknowledged with a thank weeks later Jhong last message (the home’s system thanks to such feelings at a wedding has come you ” love, the love of the person responsible for component families this in one place to become the (heart-rays) and mother sang inquiries home system will announce she how values ​​” and he was. He came into the water.
Nana Vietnam, where the capital and married a high-profile visit to the tomb Jhong
Body and buried. Thailand Jhong “Kip” after the name of the name of his son, who had been given their chance and Jhong contract guidelines. Vietnam gave Archer said. The completed song.